Alappuzha assembly elections

Swing Meter:



Alappuzha is a classic swing district. Some of the top leaders of CPM and Congress come from the district, and the two parties are neck and neck every election since 1982. With 2 constituencies leaning LDF, and with Thomas Issac, CPM winning back heavily Congress leaning Alappuzha constituency, and JSS votes shifting to LDF, it is highly plausible the district may lean left this time around.


Constituencies and Swing:
Trends and Margins
Const. Swing Margin
Aroor LDF 7.4
Cherthala SWING 6.0
Alappuzha UDF 11.6
Ambalapuzha LDF 2.7
Kuttanad SWING 6.4
Haripad SWING 3.8
Kayamkulam SWING 1.7
Mavelikkara SWING 6.1
Chengannur UDF 5.0


INC and CPM are neck and neck in the district since 1982. JSS, RSP, Kerala Congress and NCP have spotty presence in the district. Alappuzha is the weakest district for BJP,  which won 3.4% of votes in 2011 almost a third down in 10 years since 2001 election.


Parties of influence:
Party Wins
Party Since 1982 2011
INC 25 2
CPM 22 5
KCJ 5 0
CPI 4 1
NDP 3 0
INCA 2 0
JSS 2 0
RSP 2 0
CS 1 0
DIC 1 0
DLP 1 0
NCP 1 1
TOTAL 69 9


Constituencies in Alappuzha are Alappuzha, Ambalapuzha, Aroor, Chengannur, Cherthala, Haripad, Kayamkulam, Kuttanad and Mavelikkara.

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