Idukki Assembly Elections

Swing Meter:



Is a swing district, but LDF and UDF may keep the 3-2 split intact if P.J.Joseph contests from Thodupuzha for UDF. Roshy Augustine in Idukki and Joseph in Thodupuzha have deep moats to keep LDF at bay and the split in Kerala Congress shouldn’t affect fortunes in Idukki.


Constituencies and Swing:
Trends and Margins
Const. Swing Margin
Devikulam SWING 4.1
Udumbanchola LDF 4.5
Thodupuzha SWING 10.1
Idukki UDF 7.2
Peerumade SWING 4.2


LDF and UDF have evenly split the mountainous region of the state and things are likely to remain that way in 2016.


Parties of influence:
Party Wins
Party Since 1982 2011
INC 12 0
CPM 8 2
KCM 6 2
KCJ 4 0
CPI 3 1
INCA 1 0
JD 1 0
TOTAL 35 5


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