Kasaragod Assembly Elections

Swing Meter:



Kasaragod leans LDF. BJP has a significant vote share in the district, it’s highest in the state, but this vote share has declined since 1982. Manjeshwaram still remains party’s best bet to open an account in 2016. Then that was the case in 1982, and every election since. Then BJP has struggled to go beyond the 20% mark.


3 constituencies lean LDF, while 2 lean UDF. Like many other districts in Malabar, Congress has no presence in the district and is a direct contest between CPM and Muslim league. LDF has won almost two thirds of all elections since 1982.

Constituencies and Swing:
Trends and Margins
Const. Swing Margin
Manjeshwar UDF 4.4
Kasaragod UDF 13.3
Uduma LDF 8.9
Kanhangad LDF 8.7
Trikaripur LDF 11.7


Parties of influence:
Party Wins
Party Since 1982 2011
CPM 14 2
IUML 12 2
CPI 7 1
INC 2 0
TOTAL 35 5


Constituencies in Kasaragod are Kanhangad, Kasaragod, Manjeshwar, Trikaripur and Uduma.

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