Malappuram Assembly Elections

Swing Meter:



Malappuram belongs to Indian Union Muslim League. There would be very few places in the country where elections are so one sided. It isn’t the fact that 14 of 16 constituencies swing UDF, but the median margin of victory and the unsurmountable lead Muslim league has in some of these places which is impressive.


Constituencies and Swing:
Trends and Margins
Const. Swing Margin
Kondotty UDF 23.5
Eranad UDF 9.8
Nilambur UDF 6.3
Wandoor UDF 10.9
Manjeri UDF 27.5
Perinthalmanna UDF 6.9
Mankada UDF 6.0
Malappuram UDF 36.4
Vengara UDF 38.4
Vallikunnu UDF 16.0
Tirurangadi UDF 22.3
Tanur UDF 29.3
Tirur UDF 9.8
Kottakkal UDF 31.4
Tavanur LDF 5.6
Ponnani SWING 4.9


Muslim league is arguably the best organized party in Kerala after CPM and it doesn’t look like league’s impressive iron grip over Malappuram will change any time soon. UDF has won 76 of 88 elections since 1982 with Muslim league single handedly winning 61 of those. More impressive are the strong margins UDF registers throughout the district from Vengara to Kottakkal to Manjeri.


Parties of influence:
Party Wins
Party Since 1982 2011
IUML 61 12
INC 15 2
CPM 9 1
LDF 3 1
TOTAL 88 16



Constituencies in Malappuram are Eranad, Kondotty, Kottakkal, Malappuram, Manjeri, Mankada, Nilambur, Perinthalmanna, Ponnani, Tanur, Tavanur, Tirur, Tirurangadi, Vallikunnu, Vengara and Wandoor.

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