Palakkad Assembly Elections

Swing Meter:



Palakkad is an LDF bastion. Left parties have won more than two thirds of the assembly elections in Palakkad since 1982, with Communist Party Marxist alone winning more than half the elections.

A CPM stronghold, Palakkad elections has 7 LDF leaning constituencies including impenetrable red forts of Alathur, Malampuzha, Ottapalam, Shornur and Tarur. In the one UDF leaning constituency, C.Achuthan holds fort for Congress.


Constituencies and Swing:
Trends and Margins
Const. Swing Margin
Thrithala SWING 3.6
Pattambi SWING 4.0
Shornur LDF 11.2
Ottappalam LDF 8.2
Kongad LDF 3.1
Mannarkkad SWING 5.1
Malampuzha LDF 17.2
Palakkad SWING 4.8
Tarur LDF 11.1
Chittur UDF 7.8
Nenmara LDF 4.5
Alathur LDF 12.1


Parties of influence:

Palakkad is CPM’s district and it’s deep ties with working class delivers near two thirds of the seat in the left’s account . Constituencies in Palakkad are Alathur, Chittur, Kongad, Malampuzha, Mannarkkad, Nenmara, Ottappalam, Palakkad, Pattambi, Shornur, Tarur and Thrithala.

Party Wins
Party Since 1982 2011
CPM 39 7
INC 21 4
CPI 6 0
IUML 4 1
CS 3 0
JAN 1 0
JD 1 0
NCP 1 0
PSP 1 0
UDF 1 0
TOTAL 78 12


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